Damn hyperdrive is on the fritz again.

Rapier #1: Evasion By Sirloin

Kai flew the ship in. The Rapier was a modified Corellian YT-1300 transport, it should have been in the scrap yard, but Kai managed to keep it running. It had a .7 hyperdrive class and could out run most Imperial warships. Kai yelled through the cockpit entry tunnel, "Brad, get in here. We need to go over the plan again."
"Again?" Brad said, sticking his head into the cockpit, "We already went over it a billion times."
"Seventeen," Kai corrected, "We need to make sure it works."
Brad grimaced, "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean hiding on Nar Shada, that's more likely to get us killed than running from the Crusader."
"I'm positive it will work. I know my way around there."
"Well, maybe we should go to Corellia. I know my way around there."
"Okay fine, you win. We'll go to Corellia…"
"Thank you…"
"…After we go to Nar Shada."

The IG-2000 streaked up through the atmosphere of Nar Shada. IG-88 was looking for a modified Corellian transport. An Imperial Admiral had put out a bounty on its crew for 200,000 credits, a fortune. A blip showed up on his scanners. It was a YT-1300 identified as the Rapier. IG-88's flat synthesized voice filled the cockpit, "I have you now. You won't get away this time." He reached out and pressed the button that activated his ion cannon system. He centered the Rapier in his sights and squeezed the trigger.

Brad jumped forward and pushed hard on the controls. The Rapier dove straight down toward a bulk freighter.
"What do you think your doing you idiot? You almost made us hit that ship."
"Somebody fired an ion cannon at us! I just saved our skin!"
"What in all… uh oh, it's the IG-2000. Brad, take control, I've got the guns."
As Kai ran to the guns a jolt ran through the ship. Kai flew through the air and hit the bulkhead.
"What happened?"
Brad yelled from the cockpit, "Gravity compensators just failed."
"Get it fixed, NOW!!!"
Kai climbed up the ladder to the guns. He sat down, strapped in, and threw the switch to activate the cannon system. The gun was dead.
"Oh no, Brad, the guns are offline. Can you fix them?"
"Yeah sure. Looks like minor damage, should be repaired… now."
Kai activated the gun and settled hi crosshairs on the IG-2000. He kept the lock and squeezed the triggers. The quad laser spat death. Small red darts spattered the enemy's shield but failed to drop it. An ion bolt flashed by, missing the Rapier due to Brad's erratic maneuvering.
"Brad, you're making it hard to get a lock."
"Unless you want to get fried I'll have to keep maneuvering."
Again Kai let his crosshairs fall on the IG-2000. They went green signifying a laser lock and Kai hit the trigger. The laser bolts lanced out and pierced the IG-2000's shield, damaging its hull.
"Kai, the IG-2000 is bugging out. Should we follow?"
"That's a negative, let's head for Corellia."

"WHAT?!!" Admiral Carrick's rage was incredible, "He didn't capture them?!!"
"No, Ma'am. He was driven off by the Rapier's guns and they managed to jump"
"Did he get their coordinates?"
"No, Ma'am. He would have been fried had he not run from them."
A comm. Officer spoke up, "Admiral, we are receiving a transmission from the IG-2000."
"Put him on screen."
IG-88's head appeared on the screen.
"IG-88, your failure is unacceptable."
"I have not failed, Carrick."
"I managed to get their coordinates. They are headed to Corellia."
"Thank you," The hologram dissolved. The Admiral turned to an officer, "Send the Ember Syches to Corellia. The Rapier Must be destroyed."
"Yes, Ma'am."