Italian wizards duking it out.


Five hundred years ago there lived a man named Adijol. With such diabolical powers, he had to be locked away. For years he lived in suffering and isolation, scheming his escape and plan for world domination. A grimy, gloomy, damp wine cellar was where he was held captive. Who imprisoned him? Mador, a sorcerer that also planned to rule the world did. Unfortunately for Mador, Adijol had finally worked out a potion from his daily meals. It blew through the door of the cellar. Mador would have killed him, but he had been trying to steal his secrets of magic. Exhausted after walking through the door (remember, he has been in the same place for 20 years and been saving his food for a potion), Mador easily knocked him unconscious with his cauldron and dragged him back in to the wine cellar. Not having wine for 20 years, Mador greedily grabbed some of his best stuff. Mador had learned his lesson and would now only give Adijol sugar water.

What was poor Adijol to do? His last hopes of escaping and taking over the world again (the first time was 1481 to 1483) were shattered. And even if anyone believed that he was ready to do good, Mador would not let him go. But then a despicable thought dropped into his head. If he gave Mador the spells he sought, he might be set free, or else could escape while Mador was distracted. He then could stop Mador and begin a new life as a contributing citizen.

The first step was to lure Mador in.

"Alright Mador, you win. I'll give you the three spells that gained me the world. As long as you promise to set me free," said Adijol in a shrill voice. Mador cautiously approached the door of the wine cellar.

"Fair enough," Mador replied," What ingredients do I require?"

"A single drop of lava is all you need for the first," Adijol said sincerely. Mador found some in his potion cabinet.

"Then do this with your hands around the drop," said Adijol.

"What should I do, I cannot see you," Mador said, annoyed.

"I guess you'll have to open the door," said Adijol, hoping that he would. Mador cast a magic bubble around Adijol and entered the room. Adijol was infuriated about being trapped in a bubble. This would definitely make it harder to escape. Adijol put his hands in a cupped shape, "See, like this. And then drop the lava in and chant 'Engulf il mondo in fuoco.'" Just as Mador was finishing the chant, Adijol rolled his bubble over and knocked off Mador's balance. Instead of saying,"fuoco," he ended up saying,"Fuck!" as the drop of lava blinded him in his right eye. Rolling out of the wine cellar, Adijol found Mador's magic wand and popped the bubble. Mador scrambled to his feet and chased Adijol up the staircase. Adijol had successfully escaped.

Mador did not like how this was going. He did not fret though, and he immediately cast a tracking spell. Adijol was hiding in a barn across town. Mador put on his cape and hopped on the saddle of his horse. Upon arriving at the barn, Mador saw a door swinging as if it had just been opened and a door leading to a cellar. Mador ran out the door, thinking that Adijol was not immediately about to run into another cellar after being in one so long. Additionally, it would be foolish because there would be no escape. Mador was wrong. Adijol had run into the cellar because of the tunnel that he knew was hidden down there. He knew because he had dug it as a young boy. After running around outside the barn, not finding a trace of Adijol, he reluctantly decided to go back to the barn and down the cellar. The tunnel was a tighter squeeze than Adijol remembered; oh yeah, he had grown up. It led him to the bottom of the well, where the giant snake lived. He commanded the snake to destroy Mador.

"Uccisione Mador con il vostro morso del veleno," he yelled at his pet. Obeying, it slithered away. Mador felt something pulling at his leg. When he saw that it was a gigantic snake, he panicked. It slowly wrapped around him as he screamed and flailed. The snake snapped his head at Mador's neck with mouth wide open and teeth exposed. The task was done, or so the snake thought. As the snake slinked back to his hideout, Mador easily cast a healing spell. He followed the snake. Mador was about to kill the snake and bring Adijol back to his wine cellar to try to get more spells from him like the lava one. But then he had a better idea.

Mador walked out of the cellar, still unnoticed by Adijol (he was plotting for world domination and whatnot), jumped up and down to cause a small cave in, and took control of the snake. Adijol now spends his days at the bottom of a well, running from a snake. As for Mador, he got so caught up in torturing Adijol with the snake, that he forgot all about the lava spell and world domination.