The Children of the Ashes by Justin

A young soul haunted with visions of Apocalypse.

Chapter 1: The Earth's Warning.

I felt the earth shake as the volcano let the world know its wrath flames. It felt as though the earth were crumbling, deteriorating. The pyroclastic explosion knocked me to the ground. The lateral flow gathered speed and drew closer...flump!

I fell out of bed with my head ringing. I tried to remember the dream, the dream so strong in my mind, yet I could not remember. It was as I began to crawl back into bed that I had the odd, nauseating feeling in my stomach, the same feeling I have when something is going to happen.

My name is Seth, and I'd had this feeling many times before. For example, two years ago, something made me feel like I had to spend as much quality time with my dog, Carlo, as possible (with school and all). It was fun, but 24 hours later, some idiot in a Lamborghini ran him over. I couldn't eat for three days. But there was something odd about this time. It didn't seem to be directed at anything specific. It just seemed to be directed at everything on the island, and down past the crust, to the core. A glass of water might get my stomach to settle down. Still thinking, I grabbed a glass out of the cupboard and poured from the pitcher with ice. The water in the Cante Islands wasn't cold this time of year. The air in the house was so stuffy, so I decided some fresh air would do me some good, too. The clock in the hallway began to chime. As I passed it on the way to the door, I stopped to examine it. It was two o'clock in the morning.

"Awww man!! School's going to be a nightmare tomorrow!"

I wasn't really worried about sleeping in late all that much. The bullies and the homework coupled together were living nightmares. As I walked outside, I decided to pretend school didn't exist. However, something forced it out of my mind, and this something had caught my full attention. There seemed to be a fiery glow along the horizon, yellow and red flashes of light, flickering and dancing. A possibility struck me.

'Mt. Heuko must be erupting! No, calm down...' I thought to myself. 'You've been paranoid ever since you've come here.'

I had always been afraid of volcanoes...always. I couldn't help it. I was always afraid that I would look at the mountain and see a Lahar rushing at me. A Lahar is a hot mud flow, very hot. Very dangerous.

'Get a grip. You have to get used to it eventually. Your going to be here a while, anyway.'

That was a problem. I have a big imagination, so imagining a Lahar speeding toward me was easy. I headed back inside, deciding school was a better thinking topic than Mount Heuko, to a warm safe bed...on a dangerous island.

Beep...beep...beep! I opened my eyes, looking at the alarm clock. It read twelve o'clock pm. Why didn't anyone wake me up?

I heard mom's voice vibrate though the hallway, "David, I want you to wake up Seth!"

'Whoa, that's creepy!'

"David, stop messing around and put your shirt on correctly!"

'ahhhh, the sounds of morning...I should get it recorded.'

"Hey, stupid! Wake up!" I sat up to ward off the trespasser.

"David! You creep! Get out of my room!"

Startled that I was awake, he tripped over one of my shoes, fell over and yelled, "Ho-crap!"

When he stood up again, he had the shape of carpet's fuzzy things imprinted on his face! For an eleven year old, he was pretty clumsy.

"Geez, David, you're such a klutz. You better be out of here before I get outta' of bed."

David, knowing what was coming, scrambled for the door. Quickly, I jumped out of bed, got dressed and took off. As I ran through the hallway I heard a muffled yelp before I was sent flying.

Betting I looked as bad as David did when he fell, I sat up and turned my head in the direction of the yelp. It was our new dog, Hunter. He was yelping and dashing toward me. After a thorough licking, he ran of to find David.

'I guess David can miss at least one morning of torture. 'It was then that I remembered the nights events. 'The one thing that could ruin my morning. Great.'

I walked into the Living room. noticing the T.V. was on, I sat down to see what was happening on the news. Being thirteen, I had a sudden interest in it. David wanted to take a bomb to it. The picture I saw was actually enough to bring David out of the closet when I called for him. To my brother's satisfaction, Kodus Junior High was utterly destroyed. Mom called us to get into the car and drive over to see what happened. To see if anyone was dead or injured. Along the road near our school, everything was charred. Houses demolished and burned, Cars forced over on their sides and destroyed. The entire neighborhood was left in devastation, and it was nothing compared to the school and beyond. There was only one explanation to it all.

'Mt. Heuko was releasing lava flows...or am I just being paranoid again? Perhaps it was just a fire.'

That was when reached the end of the street. There was a cooled lava flow blocking both lanes on the road and ten feet left and right of the it.

"This part of the road is closed off to civilians."

We turned to see who had spoken. It was a police man who kindly guided us to a detour. We drove along the detour looking for something, something that looked even remotely like it used to.

"Nothing...nothing looks the same," David said quietly, "Where are we?"

"We must be two miles past the school," I whispered back, watching firemen scour through the burnt ruins.

Apparently, mom heard us, because she added, "Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be all righ-" BOOM!

At that exact moment, the house we were driving by shattered into exactly a billion pieces by an explosion, and as we drove away, fire crews gathered and watched it burn to the ground.