Cobalt Cola Corporation
NOPSI Laboratories
The most powerful sorcerers clash.
The New Act IV
After over 400 years, the shakespearean tragedy is finally rewritten as a light comedy.
Physicists' Trialogue
Celebrity Jeopardy
Huckleberry Finn is in for a snappy round against a returning champion.
The Adventures of Vezquex, Daodos, Tenshimaru, and Friends, and The Expo of Doom
The long-running screenplay of overzealous friends as they battle evil corporations, zombie fanboys, and each other. Their whims will take them around the world of pop video game culture.
A Brief History of Football (Soccer)
A woven tale of the origin of the world's most popular sport.
Guide to Character Acting: Buddhist Monk
When the hero has been beaten and needs to train for victory at the end of the movie, where does he go? He journeys to a distant land, seeking the wisdom of a monk, which ensues in a montage. Step by step, I will guide you through the intracacies of playing the role of the monk.
The Children of the Ashes
A nightmare troubles a young mind.
Rapier #1: Evasion
Spaceships chase.