Have a ball!

At NOPSI, we love to have fun, and we want to make sure everyone can have fun. So we're introducing a whole new cellda line hypothesized to maximize fun.

N-Circle is a perfect 2-sphere (±1 × 10-100) made of a brand new bubblerized polymer. It can withstand 1000 atmospheres of pressure. You can throw it, kick it, bounce it, and even drink it. It comes in 3 sweet flavors, with more rolling out in the future, including diet.

Because N-Circle attract one another at extremely close distances, NOPSI is able to offer a wide selection of bundles. Grab a TETRA (C-4) for a picnic and a fireworks show. Or pick up a Buckyball (C-60) for your next birthday bash. As a side effect, N-Circle turns out to be a beneficial building block. As an experiment, new structures on all NOPSI campuses will be comprised entirely of industrial sized reinforced N-Circle units. The strength of the material has blown away all expectations, and we are thrilled with the buzz from the construction industry. This invention is really blowing up. Did we mention the potential use as an explosive? And don't worry about your buildings going bang; neutralizing the solution is trivial.

In fact, don't be bewildered if you start spotting N-Circle just about everywhere, from billiard halls to bowling balls. This is going to be big, baby. A blockbuster. We here at NOPSI believe N-Circle is more than a product. It is a brand new material entering our world, as life-changing as brick or fabric in the past. The truth is we don't know all the befitting applications "the ball" will bring to billions, but the future beams brightly as we find out together and iterate within the solution space.

There are bound to be bonuses. You bubble believe it! We're busy as bees baking balls. B!

NOPSI is partnered with Best Buy and Barnes & Bubble to bounce N-Circle to buyers briskly.

Uses: Beverage, Vodka, Breakfast pastry (doughnut holes), Explosive!, Marbles, Ball bearings, Basketball, Billiard balls, Football (Soccer), Table tennis ball, Tennis ball, Volleyball.