it's the sheet: PAPR

Cobalt Cola Corporation [CCC] powers the people of tomorrow, outfitting you with cutting-edge gear and ample hydration. Our precise factory robots tirelessly churn out sharp products that are modern, yet rooted in tradition. The designs are honed for safety and efficiency by our cleverest engineers. We offer a broad selection, from self defense to kitchenly uses.

CCC is committed to fine metal work, to provide a sturdy chassis that will not crack or warp, as plastic is known to do. CCC strives to secure rights to known deposits of common and rare earth metals around the world. This way, we can better meet customer demand.

Public health is paramount, which is why Cobalt Cola's ancient formula acts in harmony with the body and mind to provide energy and enlightenment. It boosts the immune system while shielding from evil spirits. CCC transforms you into a powerful warrior.